lesbians like Buffy, alert the media

CSI short bus


fucking hilarious

I love this! So true to life. :)

Clare - You would know, you Buffy-lover you.

OC Girl - Thanks! It's all about writing what you know...

This is freaking AWESOME!

Thanks, Bent!

Hilarious! Loved every second of it! Thanks so much!

Me encanta la amiga!!!!

This is just sooooo cute. And a wonderful project. Hopefully there will be loads of support. Thumbs up and a big thanks = )

hahaha. I have very standard feet!

so funny.


Awesome!!! xD
Es locura real como la vida misma!

whoa! how i wish i can find my buffy too!

this is frickin' hilarious!!!

I am watching this in Australia... :o) its awesome. I shall tell my friends!!

Thanks so much, Jules - we always appreciate folks spreading the word!!

You gave me crabs.
I never gave you crabs.
You did. You gave me emotional crabs.

loved it

I just discovered this! Go Toronto!

quando in italiano?
when in Italian?

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