That was BRILLIANT! I cringed the entire time.

Hahahahaa! Then our work here is done. Thanks, Rachel!

Ouch ... scary and painful to watch.

LOL!!!! Pilot was good but this one was better! Keep up the great work. When are we gonna have more?

Pipsmom - Hahaa! Like the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre of dates" scary?

Susana - Thanks! Episode 3 should be out soon - stay tuned!


OMG. I was in this situation before! But I was in Elisa's shoes. I went to a bar with this girl who I have been chatting with for quite sometime. It was our first time to actually sit down and talk and she didn't stop talking about her god-forsaken EX! My goodness. I can practically make a list of her EX's psychosis and redeeming qualities. I just wanted the night to end. Ghad it was horrible. Episode 1.2 reminded me of that experience.

This is what would have happened if Jessica (Stein) had stayed gay but she and Helen still broke up. I can't wait for more. Thanks!

yeah i that was good, i've been on an internet date before and ended up trying to joke with her but ended up really insulting her, but she went out with me anyway haha. Enjoying this, cam across the website in diva, and am looking forward to seeing the other episodes.

Me han sacado al menos un par de carcajadas!!

Lo de la billetera lo encontré buenísimo, hilarante!


Hybridstar - I'm so sorry! That sounds horrible. Hope seeing the episode didn't trigger any post-traumatic stress!

Suzannah - Hahahahaa! Thank YOU! Hilarious.

Louise - Ooo, Diva! That's awesome - thanks for checking out the show - hope your internet dates have improved!

Rocio - Tan feliz que haya disfrutado el show! Nuestro deseo español fue mejor! Muchas gracias!

Loved it.... oh my !!! I was just like stop talking.. just stop... no.. no you didn't then thought to myself.. have i ever said things like that when with a date..... eck...

Hahahaha I love this show. Thanks

Bravo, adoro este show. Gracias!!

j'adore votre série
merci beaucoup cela m'amuse
le pilot était sympas mais celui-ci bien mieux

That's so funny! I really like it. Good work!
I will def tell about this show to my friend here in Italy :)


OMG that was funny I loved it...keep it up.


LOL OMG This was great acting! I LOOOOVE Simone's character already!! ^__^

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