What is it with lesbian web series' and juice boxes!!???

Renee's 'Something About Mary' hair was just too cute...

Rock on, ep 4!!

LOL!! Poor Simone, when will she meet the girl of her dreams?? :D This one was *hilarious*. Can't say that my worst date was like that, but it's not far off!

Where can I see the Beaverettes? I think Hammer Toes just became my new favourite song. And now I want a ukelele!

lol that was classic.

Simone is so great, I love her! This show is really refreshing, and funny. Great job on the 3rd episode. LOL @ "Sharing my musical gift".


I have to say that this episode was by far the most hilarious, I still can't believe I was laughing throughout the whole thing. I mean just the expression on Simone's face when that girl was singing that Hammertoes song was enough to get me rolling on the floor lolzzzzzz.

holy crap, I think that room audrey(anna) is in, is my first apartment! One room bachelor with a sleeping loft over the bathroom/kitchen? Bathroom may not have a door? Orange fireplace? Insane mosaic accents? Painted brown wood floor? Am I just looking crazy and frightening everyone now?

Rochelle - Juice boxes are the hot new thing! Plus, so delicious.

gotb30 - Hahaha! I don't know what you're talking about! Who wouldn't want to date a Beaverette?

Rachel - I think the Beaverettes will be doing a house tour this fall! But only one house. Gina's house. In her basement.

j - Glad you dug it!

Sarah - Thank you!! We're so glad to be able to share the Beaverettes' musical gift with all of you.

Tina-cious - I know, right? Instant classic! Look for it on iTunes...

Eva - Right on! It's one of our favourites too. And Hammertoes is quite catchy.

Karen - HAHAHAHAAA! No, we shot that at our friend Lex's place in Cabbagetown - but your description is horrifying and delightful!

I can't help but wonder if they simply remodeled the place or something because the apartment I'm thinking of was in cabbage town. That brick wall, slanted wall and cable coming through a little drilled hole in the window is what's making me embarrass myself here. Ah well! Not like you're going to cave into a demand to inspect the place or get an address. heh.

Hahaha! You're right! No address for you! But I will tell you that it's an third floor apartment in a really big house and the street name starts with a "P".Does that help? I'm all caught up in this housing mystery!

My gawd this episode was GREAT! I laughed and laughed. Great job!

hahaha!! hilarious.... love this episode..

That was hilarious!!! "Musical gift" Bahahaha!

Cuando uno menos lo imagina los episodios mejoran y mejoran... me mató de la risa el "me too!" impagable esa expresión.

Felicitaciones, me he reido a carcajadas!

I absolutely love this web series! Can't wait for the next one!

Adoro esta serie!!!! Gracias!!!
WOW Simone es tan divertida. Me encanta Audrey. No paro de reirme desde el inicio hasta el final.

Omg I love this series It's so funny...This episode is one of the funniest ones yet. I can't wait till episode 6 comes out.

muy bueno, pero aun no supero lo de la cartera del episodio anterior, me gusto mucho!

ROFLMAO. I thought I was going to pee myself.

I am a guy and i find this show hilarious. Keep up the good work, just goes to show homosexual couples go through the same bullshit as heterosexuals, including nightmare dating hahaaaha

I'd totally date Simone.


Great acting! Great script! Omg I'm in love with Simone! Love her attitude and expressions! xD

Thank you, ladies. I just wet myself. This episode is why I will never, "like ever" date a musician ever again. "Hammer toes" indeed... XD

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