This is great! I'm excited to see more. Thanks for the laughs!


dying for more!

Yay for Simone!!!!

You guys kill me! Love the show. And I love your Shannon Butcher soundtrack too. More, please!

Still cute like hell. Love the facial expressions of our two favourite main actresses (and the laughing ...^.^)
I liked the crime scene, too. And the other stuff ... well ... not that important, is it? = )
Fabulous work, big YAY. And a big THANK YOU, too.

You guys are awesome!!!

Laughed out was really quite good!

Today, I have learned of this Internet series from a thread posted on AfterEllen. Hilarious show! Please continue with the episodes. Thanks.

"Come back to bed, Peaches." BAHAHAHHAHAHAH

awesome. :)

It is awsome...!! Great Fun...
Can t wait to see more!!!

lma0...i loved Audrey!! her facial expressions are lmfao!

jajaja me encanto!

Haha loved this one.

Hilarious intro. I love it. :)

LOLOLOLOLOLOL Why does it keep on getting better and better?????!?!

I've not been with anyone in 6 years. You have no idea what a delightful public service you are providing here. May you always find joy and many many peaches...

Is the voice in the background of the first part Rebecca (Zoie Palmer)? Like, the girl that seems to be directing the whole 'donut scene'.

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