OH my gosh! LOL! So awesome.

I love the series & can't wait for more!

Never have bleeps been so sexy!
Best ep yet!

I drooled

great show. keep it up!

This web series is great! It is hilarious; it makes me laugh out loud. Keep up with creating the episodes. Thanks. :)

I'm quite sure this is the best episode of anything I have ever seen. And I agree with Ronijn... Never have bleeps been that sexy, ever...

This web series is great, can´t wait for the next episode. Keep it up, this is jus amazing.

Regard from Venezuela

Brilliant series, and this was a definite laugh out loud episode. Looking forward to whatever you've got for us next!

Best wishes from the UK.

A primetime series is in the future for you! I'm flabbergasted by how great this show is. Finally someone gets it!! Thank you.

You guys are awesome!!!!!

Oh, is that it so far? But I'm hooked!

This show is hilarious. Can't wait for the next episode.

I LOVE THIS SERIES! It is soo hilarious.

Wow! This is the best web series out!

ohhh! i need the continuation of this ..huhu ..i love this episode ..hehe

Really love watching Simone, disarming and funny and every one is so good in their parts. Love it. What a refreshing alternative from so much dreary lesbian attempts at being funny without talent.

Need more... now! Great series, really looking forward to future eps!

Oh my god, you guys! This is SO FUNNY. I was hooked the moment it was revealed Simone's a hardcore Whedonite. haha :) I'm sold, I want to see more!

Awwww mannnn that was awesome! I need another episode!

Great writing, great characters.. I want more :)

amazing, wonderfully funny, Holywood couln't have make
better, can't wait for other seasons

Thanks so much for the awesome and hilarious comments you guys - you're the best!! We're finally closing in on filming Eps 6 - 10 - we hope you'll stay tuned!

This series is amazing with a capital A! Keep up the good work ladies.

Loving this series! I cannot wait for Episode 6!

It just keeps getting better! Thanks ladies!

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