Dude looked really good on 'paper'. Had a good, interesting job. A career, in fact. Emails were extremely witty, shared a lot of interests in common, had recently purchased a pre-construction condo. After a string of unemployed, unmotivated 'bohemian' types, all of the above seemed to be very good things.

We met in the magazine section of the World's Biggest Bookstore (for reals - not my idea), and went to dinner from there. Initial reactions were okay, dude was clearly nervous, but not freakish or anything. We order dinner. Conversation is a little slow, so I'm really working it to move things along and get him to relax. I'm starting to get short on topic ideas, when he finally initiates something himself. 'I want you to name two bands' he says, 'any two bands. Make them as different as humanely possible, and I will be able to find a connection between them.' At this point, I'm so tired of talking and so happy he's taking some conversational initiative that I play along without even thinking about the consequences.

Big. Mistake.

The next 45 minutes (I shit you not) were occupied with a stream of inane music industry trivia that ultimately connected the two bands I had named (the Pixies and Hanson - what, he asked for different!), along the lines of "well, so-and-so was the bass player for the Pixies, and in 1984 he went on vacation with his family to Paris, where they met a piano player name Bob, who once played a gig in LA at a place called blah blah blah blah blah."

It was unbelieveable. And to top it off, I couldn't shake him at the end of the dinner. He wanted to go out and grab a drink or something, and all I wanted to do was escape. I immediately invented a prior promise to stop off at a friends' house not too far away, and when he found out I was going to walk there, he ended up walking me right to her door. I had to call along the way to give her warning that I was dropping by without letting on to dude beside me that this wasn't a pre-existing plan. Terrible. More than terrible, it was excruciating. My eyes even started to glaze over just writing this down, the memory of extreme boredom is so vivid.

The moral of the story - don't be so damn polite. If you're bored, there's a reason, don't fight it. If conversation is slow, there's a reason, don't fight it. If at any point you have the inclination to 'use the ladies room' and never return, THERE'S A REASON, DON'T FIGHT IT.

Um, I'm kind of intrigued by Berin's anal retentive musicologist guy. One woman's trash...

OK, I have to declare some kind of conflict of interest or something, because I was involved in one of the episodes of Seeking Simone. Just in a teeny way.

I once went on a date after meeting a guy online and chatting via email for a while. He had mentioned in passing that he was an ex-Mormon, but that didn't really bother me too much.

Fast forward to date night. I ordered a glass of wine, he said "I'll have what she's having". When the drinks came, he swallowed a huge gulp and said "so THAT'S what alcohol tastes like!" Turns out he was a really, really recent ex-Mormon and had never touched a drink, been on a date with a non-Mormon or done anything else, um, fun.

He was also living in a trailer in his ex wife's driveway.

Despite the above, I dated him for a few weeks. I can't remember why.

That is all.

Berin - maybe you can pass Chatty Musicologist's info on to Seizure Salad!

SS - You're a kind and brave woman - the trailer in his ex-wife's driveway would have killed it for me. Just a little.

I arranged to meet a girl at a very nice pub in London. She was cute; I was cute. We had smiliar interests. I thought, "how can this fail?"

Oh, let me count the ways.

1. I found out she had an addiction to fruit machines because she spent 15mins on one explaining about the inner workings and how you can beat them - even though she lost £20 on it.

2. She took off one of her shoes and socks whilst we were standing at the bar. She said she thought she had a pebble in it. She shook her greying sock out; there was no pebble. We did have an amazing audience as the bar was packed with local office workers.

3. It seems she'd lied about everything we had in common. Wait, we both breathed and had two legs, two arms, etc. Shame on me. I guess we DID have some things in common.

4. She spent 25mins IN a toilet cubicle and to this day I still don't know what she was doing, after her, "I'm going to be a while," statement.

5. I did have a great conversation with a guy who was waiting for his train so it wasn't a total loss.

L.S. - "She spent 25mins IN a toilet cubicle and to this day I still don't know what she was doing, after her, "I'm going to be a while," statement." HAHAHAHAA! She sounds like she was all class. Thanks for the great story!

The shows are great guys, keep 'em coming! I have the hots for Renée Olbert :p Here's probably a common tale from across the pond, I'm not very online dating savvy yet, but I go on a lesbian dating site for the uk called Girlsweb (it's free! though incredibly pink). I've sent messages on there and chatted with a few nice girls, but usually no more than that.
There was one who seemed too good to be true...and it turned out there was a reason for this. Her picture was gorgeous (I know...I'm naive) she was witty and creative and interesting to talk to, and we exchanged lots of messages and emails for a few weeks, getting pretty 'deep' in our chats.
Until one day, she had a confession to make. Turns out she was actually a guy, of the male persuasion. Looking for someone bi to join him and his GIRLFRIEND. I was mortified. Not the only faker on that site but we really seemed to make a connection. And this straight unsingle man's way of meeting girls was on a gay dating site...? What a jerk-off!

The good news is I'm meeting my first online girl this week for a date, and I'm pretty sure this one's for real :) if she turns out to be a psycho, I'll come back to this comment section pronto!

Brit-bi-girl - HAHAHAAAA! That's so horrifying. I agree with your assessment - what a jerk-off! Hope your latest date was much better - looking forward to an update!!!

I watched the first episode on you tube a few weeks ago and must confess really just could not get into it. Too much chit chat. But reading some of the comments here, i'll give it another go

Ha! Right on. Hope the action in Eps 2, 3 & 4 make up for 1! And if not - hey, that's cool too. Thanks for giving it another chance, Lesbian Films.

My best friend met his girlfriend online, they are happy with a beautiful daughter, second child on the way! Yes, finding your true love is so possible online <3

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